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Yeminee, s.r.o. team has been working with companies and individuals, that have gone through experiences of relocation, moving abroad, return, or work in international environments, and that are in any phase of their decision processes and career pathways.

Our coaches and trainers have been individually located in several countries, mostly in the EU and the USA. On the top of that, we also offer long distance services.

Yeminee professionals have diverse professional backgrounds ranging from business and management, through HR to psychology and psychotherapy. Most of them have been relocated or migrated themselves.

Besides the main commercial activities, Yeminee s.r.o. also takes part in public sector action and non-profit projects. We work on raising public awareness on both coaching and migration issues, and we have been active in the field of policy development in areas such as employment and HR services, career guidance, counselling, relocation and migration.

You have an opportunity to learn more about us, our team, services and projects, access our surveys and blog - all in a nutshell - in this English version. 

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