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 We are currently conducting an online survey:

anonymous survey among migrants and returnees

To share your experience with living abroad and take part in the survey:

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About the survey: 

We are a team of career counsellors and coaches, helping clients enjoy their own decisions in career and life. Our scope includes working with people who have relocated or migrated internationally or who have returned home after living abroad. These moves can be motivated by work or career, the desire for adventure or various personal reasons.

To continually improve our counselling and coaching competences, we offer surveys to our clients in order to reassess their current needs. This anonymous survey, that we kindly ask you to participate in, is a part of a bigger international project research exploring issues of “Guidance and Counselling for Migrants and Returnees”.

Should you decide to use our services one day, or you are just ready to help those who are going through similar experience and who might need a counsellor, your answers will inform our further education and services.


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Guidance and Counselling for Migrants and Returnees” 

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