Kariéra bez hraníc

How we work

Our values, culture and believes 

Our principles towards companies:
  • Social responsibility. We conduct projects, services and products that we believe are needed, suitable and useful for our clients and the wider society. We do not make business for the purpose of short-term profit, but we work on developing long-term relationships instead: to companies, as well as education and non-profit sectors and wider community

  • Internal excellence. We follow the same as we offer and present to our clients. That means we use the best recruitment, personal development and retention strategies towards our employees and external associates. We value and reward their work, as the human resources are the most valuable and crucial for us. We prove that daily with team atmosphere and internal culture based on equality, openness and constructive feedbacks.  

  • Long-term values for our clients and customized approach. We are defined by our approach to clients and customers. We do not offer services with the aim of quick sales, but with critical look at the values we provide our clients with. We build long-term relationships based on trust.  We go beyond cold and purely professional relationships. We like getting to know our clients and we keep personal approach.

  • Innovation and courage. We develop our relationships to clients, services, products and projects with open minds and with the aim to find the optimal solutions. They might but do not have to be conventional. We are open to new methods and approaches towards challenges. The reason that nobody has tried it before does not scare but challenges us. We do not accept arguments such as „this is how it has always been done“. We use common sense, know-how, as well as intuition.  

  • Joy of work. Every single member of our team spends valuable hours of their time trying to develop this business. That is why we consider important that at the end of the working day our staff members can say: „I like doing my job, and with this team it is even fun!” We strongly believe that after appointments we leave our clients with similar feelings.


Our principles towards individual clients:

  • We support lifelong learning and gaining experience (at home and/ or abroad).

  • We promote self-reflection, exploring own life goals and confidence in reaching them.

  • We promote responsible travelling and relocation with the aim to learn about life abroad, other cultures and people, which leads to cultural development and intercultural tolerance.

  • We support also those who after making experience abroad wish to return and live valuably and responsibly back in the home country.

  • We do not use the term career in the conventional use as „climbing a company ladder“. We define career in relation to professional goals and positive self-fulfilment, and we believe that every individual needs to define such goals himself. 

  • We do not support brain drain. However, we do support travelling and living at different places for the purposes of personal development, learning about other countries and cultures and learning about own self.

  • We do not offer „solving“ things for our clients: we do not give them jobs or arrange logistics. What we do offer is learning, insights, valuable experience and contacts, on which clients can build and do things themselves. We are convinced that our clients will most benefit of careers and successes that they work on and deserve themselves.



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