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Our national project connecting Slovaks living abroad with the labour market in Slovakia (and the idea of return). 



The estimations by the Slovak Government provide figures of approximately one fourth to one third of the Slovak HE graduates having left for abroad in the recent years, which is an outstandingly high rate among the EU countries.


Development of the idea:

The idea of this project had appeared before the global economy crisis started, and during the crisis it turned out even more important. Our team has been working with many Slovaks who used to live or have been still living abroad. We have become aware of the need to support also the opposite trend – return of people who have seen, learnt and experienced a lot – back to Slovakia.



The project is targeted at people with experience from abroad, who would like to make their return more successful, effective, without hard clashes and smoother. It provides opportunities for companies to leverage on the potential and international experience of the returnees.

Our main ambition is to provide returnees (and those considering return) with a portfolio of tools and services to support their return and thus contribute to the „brain return“ that is important for the development of the Slovak society and economy.
The main objectives include:
  • to provide Slovak companies with opportunities to discover and leverage on the potential of top Slovak professionals who have been working abroad;
  • to develop awareness of Slovaks abroad on opportunities in the Slovak labour market;
  • to stimulate professional discussions on the brain drain issue and the role of the private sector in supporting effective returns.
More information:
info@slovenskocalling.sk (in Slovak and English)

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